The Custom-Made Programme

– How We Approach it


We listen to you to learn about your challenges, objectives and together determine critical success factors. We address year-over-year growth and other key challenges your organisation faces. Our job is to imagine and frame what’s possible and to unlock potential.


We tailor-make a programme for you, to:

Ensuring & Enabling
High Performance

ALHRD has a well-deserved reputation for delivering results while respectfully considering an organisation’s core principles and beliefs.

It is well documented that organisations that invest in leadership development hold the key to dramatically improved business performance. The high achieving client companies we have worked with would all agree. Over 70% of our clients are returning customers who want all their people to benefit from these same outstanding results.

For a little over 20 years, we have been adding significant value to our clients by improving the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of their people and teams. We deliver our training using a unique process of multi-layered learning techniques, to ensure long-lasting results.

We are passionate about helping people achieve exceptional levels of performance. Our goal is to ensure our clients achieve the edge that sets them apart from the competition to accomplish extraordinary levels of excellence.

Expert, Relevant Knowledge and Excellence

With a robust roster of programme design experts and practitioners, ALHRD offers clients and participants immediate access to current thought-leadership across disciplines and functional areas.

Delivering Results

Our programmes are carefully designed to effect an immediate, positive impact on performance, and provide relevant, topical tools and frameworks that add value to any business.

People are the heart and soul of every organisation, the key to business success and your company’s greatest asset. Success is accomplished through individuals, equipped with the right skills, performing effectively and efficiently.

Every exercise and workshop unit of every ALHRD programme builds on the previous to increase leadership skills at every level, therefore achieving continually improved results as the course progresses.